FISHERMAN II Photo Gallery

Blue Fin Tuna 985lbs 

Striped bass 30-40 lbs

Tuna Trip 40-60 lbs

 Blue Fin 703 lbs

Thresher Shark 440lbs

Flounder Trip 52- 3.5lbs

Tiger Shark 130lbs

Tuna Trip 125lbs

Striped Bass 48lbs

 Cod 50lbs

Tons of Porgies

Doormat Fluke 14.75lbs

Struck 50 lbs Stripped Bass Ricky big fluke Snooker brown 10.8 lbs fluke 35 fluke 4/12 pounds - 10.8 pounds
Struck 2 big fluke      

To book a trip or for more information, please call:
Captain - Paul Giangreco
32-14 201 st. Bayside NY 11361

917)418-9697 or (631)668-2607

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